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0015416InfrastructureGeneralpublic2022-10-24 20:34
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Summary0015416: Donate button
DescriptionThe current website lacks any information regarding donations. A button would be cool but any information would be appreciated.
Steps To ReproduceTry to help financially Development team.
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2018-09-06 14:01

reporter   ~0045434

Perhaps, while there isn't a fund account, each dev.eloper, if they wish so, could share a paypal payme link where everyone could donate.
To be sure that those people are in fact Scribus developers, those links would be in a verified list somewhere on the website.


2021-01-18 22:35


so why the developers (they should have access to the website?!) do not put their paypal-link on the website? You deserve the posibility to give you something back. Even if this is not going to be much and obviously you arenĀ“t doing this because of money. but nevertheless


2022-10-24 20:34



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