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0015427ScribusGeneralpublic2019-04-04 21:42
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Product Version1.4.7 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0015427: Shapes do not render
DescriptionThe shapes in my document stopped rendering. I did some experiment test case reduction, and discovered that removing all PAGEOBJECT tags from the SLA file starting from line 1127 and on resolves the issue.
Steps To ReproduceOpen document in Scribus 1.4.7. You should only see black, that is the failure mode.
Open document in text editor, remove lines 1127 through 1227, save SLA file.
Open modified SLA file in Scribus 1.4.7, observe very colourful poster now correctly renders.
Additional InformationI'm not sure how my document got into this state. Additionally, I was able to segfault Scribus on the "fixed" document by cutting and pasting one of the groups of shapes, though I haven't reproduced this particular failure.
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2018-09-16 18:06


cppcon-poster-2018-broken.sla (684,512 bytes)


2018-09-16 18:20

manager   ~0045458

i also get a black document in 1.4... but in 1.5 it shows ok...


2018-09-16 18:51

administrator   ~0045459

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The issue is caused by the somewhat flaky implementation of groups in 1.4.x. This is a known issue of 1.4.x branch. The solution to avoid problems is to avoid any manipulation of items placed inside a group including:
- removing objects belonging to a group
- cutting objects placed inside a group
- ungrouping a group placed itself inside a group
- modifying level of an object placed inside a group

The implementation of groups in 1.5.x development branch has already been completely rewritten and is now much more robust. At this point of 1.4.x life there will be no fixes or changes to the group implementation due to the extent of modifications this would require.


2018-09-17 07:51

manager   ~0045464

so the possible solutions i can suggest:

- restart from scratch (or with what you can rescue by manually deleting items)
- continue your work with scribus 1.5 (you can install both versions alongside)

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