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0015724ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2019-12-03 17:45
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Product Version1.5.5.svn 
Summary0015724: make the unlink tool a single click one
Descriptioncurrently, the unlink tool is only active when at least a text frame is selected.
for the action to take place, one need to click on a second frame.

i did not test the behavior when multiple text frame are selected but it's a rather awkward situation.

i suggest that the behavior to be changed in the following way:

- the tool is inactive when no text frame is selected
- when one single text frame is selected, the link to the next frame is removed (if any)
- when multiple text frames are selected, the link between the selected frames are removed
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related to 0015721 new Better label for last "Object > Text frame links > Cut" options 
related to 0015519 new unlinking text frames should work in "both direction". 
parent of 0015954 new Improve link/unlink tools usability 
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2019-11-16 09:30

manager   ~0047088

we could even keep it enabled when no item is selected and it will unlink the next tool you click on from its next item.


2019-12-03 17:45

manager   ~0047194

if multiple text frame are seleted, enabling the tool could simply link all the selected items, starting from top left.

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