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Summary0015726: Improve the compartimentalization of tools / code in the Scribus code
DescriptionDuring the lat few years I've been working on plugins that can be developed in their own directory.
On my side the big advantages are that I depend less on changes that happens in the main code and that i can get other people to easily add the code to their code base.

Since the Scribus plugins do not seem to have been conceived for such use cases I'd like to explore what we can do to allow a more decentralized development.

Probably, a good starting point is thinking about the needs of the table of contents:

- Add an entry in the navigation and a shortcut for triggering it.
- Add a pane to the document settings / preferences.
- Add the TOC as a "sidepane" in the PDfs.
- (... add more... : - )

I have the feeling that marks / footnotes / ... could be much more stable if all (most of) the relevant code would be in a directory...
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related to 0015739 new Metabug: improve code modularity 



2019-07-16 13:06

manager   ~0046393

Please, discuss in this ticket the (general) reasons for having more or less modular code.

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