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0015739ScribusInternalpublic2019-07-19 14:23
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Product Version1.5.5.svn 
Summary0015739: Metabug: improve code modularity
DescriptionCurrently, it's pretty easy to add a plugin: add a directory in plugins/ and edit the CMakeLists.txt to get Scribus to detect it.

This way it's possible to create code that is "self-contained" and easier to understand.

Adding a "self-contained" directory inside of the Scribus code is not really possible.

Scribus should provide all features that are provided all feature that are enabled to plugins also for directories:

- Single command in the "main" CMakeLists.txt (or grouped entries).
- Attach itself to the navigation
- Add keyboard shortcuts
- Add a Preferences or Document settings pane
- ... [This is a work in progress]
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related to 0015712 new CMake: document how to create tools or library that are in their own directory 
related to 0015726 new Improve the compartimentalization of tools / code in the Scribus code 
related to 0015744 new Allow "modules" to attach themeselves to the preferences and document settings 
related to 0015745 new Allow "modules" to attach themeselves to the navigation ans keyboard shortcuts 


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