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0015744ScribusInternalpublic2020-04-11 05:33
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Summary0015744: Allow "modules" to attach themeselves to the preferences and document settings
Descriptioncurrently, each "module" must be added to ui/preferencesdialog.h/cpp .

in an effort to allow a better, modularisation of the scribus code, there should be a mechanism that allows the modules (like the table of contents) to add themselves to the preferences or document settings.
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related to 0015739 new Metabug: improve code modularity 



2020-04-10 19:00

administrator   ~0047502

Hi Ale

Can you define a module? Plugins add themselves to Preferences via void PreferencesDialog::addPlugins()


2020-04-11 05:33

manager   ~0047509

hi craig

of course scribus does not have modules.
but there are group of features that behave in an "independent way". almost like a module.

the question came up while working on a new table of contents.

i think that pdf and external tools might be similar cases, too.

indeed plugins inspired me to fill this ticket.
i've been told only to use plugins for things like file loaders (and avoid them for things like a table of contents) so i'm looking for a similar comfort while working on "normal" code.
currently, if i want to add a functionality that is well encapsulated, i cannot really do so and at latest as soon as i start the integration with the whole system, i have to edit several files.

not being able to create self contained functionalities makes it harder to:

- understand how an existing feature works.
- add all the bindings (preferences, menus, translations, ...) for a new feature.
- maintain the bindings to the surrounding code while programming a new feature.

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