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0015797ScribusPDFpublic2019-12-08 21:24
Reporterjim78b Assigned Tojghali  
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OSwin7 OS Version64bit 
Product Version1.5.5.svn 
Fixed in Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0015797: PDFs imported and duplicated in image frames wrongly scaled on PDF export
Descriptioni see all correct but when i export to pdf the image frames in which i load pdf are wrong because has wrong scale,
in preferences as the image i attach, if set to 72 all pdf in image frame when export are correct but i lost the high resolution view in document because is set to max 72 dpi!

so I come to the conclusion that in external tools -> applications where there is postscript interpreter dpi pref. if I put the resolution over 72 dpi then I export everything is wrong.

ususally i set postscript interpreter 300 dpi i see all pdf in image frames correct but when export to pdf is a mistake.
Steps To Reproducetry to insert a pdf in image frame near text i think is this that cause error to export.
then export to pdf as the image attached the warning icon is very small!!
Tagsacrobat, pdf export, wrong size


related to 0008378 newfschmid PDF/EPS image scaling depends non-portably on gs resolution preference 
has duplicate 0010735 closedjghali Changing ghostscript DPI settings, duplicated Image Frames produce mismatch between canvas view and exported PDF 



2019-09-01 12:22


postscript bug.jpg (179,450 bytes)   
postscript bug.jpg (179,450 bytes)   
Nuova (171,131 bytes)


2019-09-01 15:24

updater   ~0046597

i can confirm the problem on macOS10.14.6 with scribus1.5.5 and 1.5.6-r23124.
but it's a bit different here:
- when i set the resolution for the postscript interpreter at 250ppi, i get a .pdf file with small warning triangles (except the one on the first page). everything else looks correct.
- after changing the resolution to 72ppi all the placed .pdf files are scaled down. only the .pdf files keep their size… (see attached file)
test156-72.pdf (683,294 bytes)


2019-09-01 15:27

updater   ~0046598

…only the .jpg files keep their size…


2019-09-01 17:08

reporter   ~0046599

Yes is annoying that .but exist a 1.5.6 version ?i have just install 1.5.6 portable the only one in the scribus site


2019-09-01 17:11

reporter   ~0046600

Yes for pdf i become crazy


2019-09-01 17:20

updater   ~0046601

you'll find snapshots on – but ask stuff like that in the forums.


2019-09-02 02:41

administrator   ~0046602

I fixed the issue where a same PDF imported in several image frames would be incorrectly exported to PDF, except for the first frame where it is located. However I have not fixed the other part of the issue, which has already been reported as 0008378. 0008378 implies you must not change GhostScript resolution settings in preferences after having imported a PDF/EPS in a document.


2019-09-02 03:54

updater   ~0046604

thanks – that was fast!


2019-09-02 05:54

reporter   ~0046605

Is not new /resolved As i told if you set 72dpi in postscript work .for me is not resilved


2019-09-02 06:06

administrator   ~0046606

This part is already covered by issue 0008378 which is indeed not resolved. If you change the Ghostscript resolution and open an already existing document already edited with a different GS resolution, you have to manually adjust the scale of images using properties palette.


2019-09-02 06:11

administrator   ~0046608

For example if your old GS resolution is 300 dpi and your new GS resolution is 72 dpi, you would have to multiply the X-scale and Y-scale of imported PDF/EPS images by 300 / 72 after reopening document.


2019-09-02 06:20

reporter   ~0046609

Is annoying because i set 300 and import various pdf in image frames.i see all correct .but when export is wrong scale .

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