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0015926ScribusShape Drawingpublic2019-11-09 11:36
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Summary0015926: make the node editor slimmer and use it as a toolbar placed at top the shape
Descriptionthe palette should have fewer buttons and become a slim horizontal toolbar.

it should be automatically placed above shape. starting above the top left corner (like the text edit toolbar in gimp) but the user should be able to move it to a different place.
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related to 0009099 new A better Path tool 
related to 0010409 assignedale [PATCH] Improve access to contour editing 
related to 0009096 new Tool options on canvas 



2019-11-07 16:46

manager   ~0047017

Last edited: 2019-11-07 16:47

some propositions that still need to be discussed:

- RTL people will want it to the top right by default
- we can probably remove the four "shear" buttons (it's trivial to obtain the same effect by selecting two nodes and moving them (with the arrow keys))
- remove the "move nodes" buttons (this should be the default action if nothing has else is active)
- remove the % and absolute resizing of the path (replaced with a widget in the shape panel with left, top, right, bottom margin for the contour (only available if the shape has not been modified))
- add and remove nodes as a single button (by default adding nodes, removing nodes when a mod (shift?) is down)
- remove the rotation widget (use the normal rotation in the xyz panel)
- remove the x, y pos
- delete selected nodes by pressing the del, backspace key
- removing the mirroring of the path (the feature is in xyz, too)
- two and not three buttons for moving the handles symmetrical or not
- progressive ESC (if a node is selected, it should not exit the editing mode, but deselect the node)

some possible feature changes:

- if multiple nodes are selected, it should be possible to move them at once with the mouse (it's already possible to do so with the arrow keys)
- clicking on a line segment to select the neighbor nodes
- moving a line segment bends it (and creates the handles)
- add an option to make the grid start at the top left corner of the shape (local grid)
- allow the creation of closed paths (highlight the starting node, when hovering it; + button for closing the path)

some nice things i've discovered:
- nodes snap! even to items...

i've attached a "quick mockup" of what could be possible...

nodes-toolbar.png (14,667 bytes)   
nodes-toolbar.png (14,667 bytes)   


2019-11-07 17:40

manager   ~0047020

from 0009099 (i just discovered but my homonymous basically has already listed most of the points above)

- just edit the handles when clicking on them (no need to activate the tool; we will probably need to change the buttons in the mockup above to actions that create the handles and "makes the node curved")
- remove the ok / cancel button in favor of undo
- adding nodes by double clicking? (i still think that an explicit button is ok to have)

and now i see that scribus can become a bit more friendly : - )

we also need

- a way to delete handles (the del key?)


2019-11-07 19:55

manager   ~0047024

currently, double clicking in the edited area will exit the node edit mode. we will have to remove that and replace it by the node creation.


2019-11-08 06:17

manager   ~0047028

no need for the "show node coordinates" check box.
just use the x and y of the xyz when one single node is selected.

we "simply" have to add to the xyz pannel:

- a way to only activate x,y and disable w,h
- deactivate the default signal connect
- add a custom connect
- reactivate the default connect when done.

something like

XYZ->activateOnlyXY(this, &xHandler, &yHandler)


2019-11-08 06:20

manager   ~0047029

the "hide nodes" can also be removed

no need for a special treatment for the nodes.

hiding nodes should simply rely on the "preview mode" being enabled or not.

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