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0016020ScribusOS-MacOSXpublic2019-12-30 15:13
Reporterramuntcho Assigned To 
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PlatformmacosOSmacOS Version10.15
Product Version1.5.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0016020: If you switch to french language, preferences are no more available
DescriptionIn the Preferences of Scribus, you can switch to French. If you do, the window for modifying the preferences is no more available.
Steps To ReproduceOpen Scribus
Create a new document
In menu Scribus, choose Preferences
Change in the window to have the interface in French (or spanish)
Qui Scribus
Launch Scribus
Go to the menu Scribus and choose the line Preferences... nothing happens, the Preferences window doesn't appear anymore
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2019-12-19 11:25


French.png (210,581 bytes)
French.png (210,581 bytes)


2019-12-19 20:24

manager   ~0047299

... until december 22nd, after switching to french, you need to check if the menu entry is marked as suppressed, before starting scribus...


... in the meantime you can try and see if cmd-, opens the preferences...

if you want your preferences back, you can also remove the preferences file. if you want to go this way, i can look for the instructions for mac... i don't know them by heart...


2019-12-26 17:36

reporter   ~0047306


In fact, in english there isn't any submenu like in french (with Annotation PDF, Signet PDF...). When you choose French for the first time, and don't close Scribus, menus are in French and there is no submenus to the line Preferences... but nothing happens. When you close and open Scribus, the submenus appear. Shortcut to open Preferences isn't working.

We wanted to use Scribus with french children on macOS Catalina, so it would be better to have a french version.

PS Why "until december 22nd " ?


2019-12-27 12:32

manager   ~0047309

the 22nd december was a pun on the ongoing strike in france... sorry.

i've tried to see in the code if i see a reason why the menu is wrongly wired in french, but i could not find any.

since i don't have a mac computer at hand, i cannot test it.
on linux i have a "normal" préférences dialog

that "Scribus" menu is a mac specific thing, so there might be an issue that is only visible on a mac...

can you try to download the latest 1.5.6svn snapshot and see if you have the issue there too?


2019-12-30 15:13

reporter   ~0047310


I have made several tests with 1.5.6 svn, same bug.
But i have also try some other languages :
- no problem with hungarian, deutsch, portuguese, swedish
- problem with french, spanish, catalan, italian

In fact, when you choose one of the language of the second group, Scribus freezes and you have to do a force-quit. Sometimes, there is this window which appears. I have also joined the crashlog.

So there's something in common with these languages...


Crashlog (217,799 bytes)

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