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0016036ScribusImport / Exportpublic2024-01-01 21:43
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PlatformmacOSlion, sierraOS Version10.7.5, 10.12.6
Product Version1.4.8 
Summary0016036: illustrator files will not import on mac, but will on windows
Descriptioni do not recall when i began converting all of the .cdr clip-art to .ai clip-art so i could use it with illustrator. i had corel's graphic suite 9 at the time. i did not realize immediately that i could use the illustrator files with scribus. i was working primarily with windows and corel and adobe products for photography, graphic design and web design. i had been dabbling in the open source software arena searching for more tools and fell in luv!

in 2011 i added macs to the mix. for a few versions these converted files could be imported. sorry, but i do not recall when this phenomenon began, but i do recall i reported this same problem several years ago. maybe it was around or after the 1.3.x/1.4.x change.

with each new version in windows, the illustrator files import, but not so on (my) mac. i do remember comments on the list at that time others with macs were not having this problem.

i will attach several converted/converted files and maybe something in the (second) conversion caused this to happen. if this is my problem, then maybe someone could offer assistance with a patch to fix my problem. for a fee of course.
Steps To Reproducetry to import an illustrator file
Additional Informationthe first conversion was on windows, graphic suite 9 files through corel draw x4 to illustrator 9 files.

the second conversion was on mac (lion) through illustrator cs5.5.

these imported for a version or two before importing no longer functioned.
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has duplicate 0016037 closedjghali illustrator files will not import on mac, but will on windows 



2020-01-25 19:49

reporter (38,765 bytes) (21,849 bytes)


2020-01-26 08:52

updater   ~0047345

i can confirm with scribus 1.4.8 on macOS 10.14.6 –the files won't load.
with scribus 1.5.6.svn both .ai files can be imported as long as i chose the .ai part of them. with the .pdf part scribus shows no reaction at all.


2020-02-08 21:15

administrator   ~0047375

The .pdf part of those Illustrator files contains nothing : opening them with Adobe Reader shows blank pages too.


2020-02-11 14:54

reporter   ~0047385

i can confirm that scribus 1.5.5 that the cd9.cdr files on mac os 10.15.3 on open
receives the error message "starting uniconverter failed . . . . " and then "scribus crashes on signal 11".
on import, nothing. the import nor the open dialog does not appear as the do on the other files.

the converted ai to cdr. files will import with a click at the end.

the cd13 and 14 both import and open fine (with a little help). i had read jghali's note regarding the pdf import being blank. i too experienced this; however, i found that if you choose the pdf and it does not present itself immediately, i found that a click on the page places the file. the
ai-0000248.cdr (39,364 bytes)
ai-0000958.cdr (38,700 bytes)
cd9-attn0020.cdr (18,708 bytes)
cd9-celtc111.cdr (18,154 bytes)
cd13-X3004176.cdr (135,778 bytes)
cd13-X3006747.cdr (13,626 bytes)
cd14-CGS06007.cdr (112,540 bytes)
cd14-CGS08960.cdr (104,473 bytes)


2024-01-01 21:42

administrator   ~0050745

Unfortunately it looks like uniconvertor might be dead? has had no updates in 3-4 years.


2024-01-01 21:43

administrator   ~0050746

I did not get a crash though, just a warning on console:
Uniconvertor failed: "uniconv" ("/Users/craig/Downloads/cd9-attn0020.cdr", "/private/var/folders/77/7ypq1_l56959t4q2mjc24n580000gn/T/scribus_uniconv_DGQdzO.svg")

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