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0016145ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2020-10-08 07:51
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Summary0016145: Text flow around shape does not work if text vertical alignement is not "top"
DescriptionThe contour line is ignored with some shape sizes.

See uploaded screenshot
Steps To Reproduce- Open uploaded document
- See text : first line overwrites top of karateka
- See karakeka Group Shape : its contour line should prevent text to overwrite it
Additional Information- with Appimage

- when moving top of contour line shape up or down, overwrite sometimes doesnt happen


has duplicate 0016260 closedjghali text flow around objects is miscalculated with vertical alignment 'middle' or 'bottom'. 



2020-06-25 07:28


bug contour.sla (115,280 bytes)


2020-06-25 07:29



2020-06-25 17:36

administrator   ~0047728

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This is caused by use of bottom vertical alignment on text frame. Currently text flow around frame can only work if vertical alignment is set to top. No idea if there is a way to fix that as it seems like a chicken and egg problem.


2020-06-25 17:42

administrator   ~0047729

Out of curiosity I tested how InDesign behaves in this case. It appears it simply ignores text frame vertical alignment.


2020-10-07 14:50

developer   ~0048130

In case it'd be worth it, this chicken and egg issue could probably be overcomed with an iterated "try and change" process.


2020-10-07 16:38

administrator   ~0048132

Nope, this chicken and egg problem has in fact no guaranteed solution, so an iterated try and repeat could create an infinite loop and is hence not an acceptable solution. Vertical alignment and text flow around have to be considered as somewhat incompatible features. Tbh I am considering closing this issue as not fixable.


2020-10-08 07:51

manager   ~0048139

i tried to dig into this and i have mixed feelings.

on the one side, the more i think about it and the more i tend to believe that in most cases with middle or bottom alignment, a manual change of the shape would be a good enough workaround.

on the other side, if the layout is applied for "irregular" shapes, why can't it work at least in the same way when the text is flowing around another shape?

imo, scribus should be able to have a best effort solution.
in many case it would just work correctly, and in other cases it would fail and leave a bad result and -- if possible -- show a warning if it failed. (something similar to the overflow mark, or a warning in the verifier)

in a simple irregular shape i've created, the top and middle alignment work as i would expect. the bottom one does not and it does not seem to be an issue of chicken and egg.
the current situation is not that bad, but it might be possible to improve it...

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