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0016667ScribusOS-MacOSXpublic2021-10-28 14:37
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Product Version1.5.7 
Summary0016667: [M1/Monterey] Dialogbox upon startup: "This app will no longer work in future MacOS versions"
DescriptionWhen starting Scribus, MacOS issues the warning mentioned "This app will no longer work in future MacOS versions". This is probably due to the fact that Apple will remove the x86 emulation layer dubbed "Rosetta" at some point in the future, when the transition to AArch64 is complete.

If you open "Activity Monitor" and select Scribus from the list, you can select to see further details about the process, and it shows that "Rosetta" is indeed running.
Steps To ReproduceInstall Scribus
Run the app for the first time.
Tagsaarch64, arm64, M1, MacOS



2021-10-25 20:22

administrator   ~0049313

Pending a donation of an M1 machine to me... so .. who knows when?!


2021-10-28 14:37

reporter   ~0049320

I reported a similar issue and im not running any M1 machines.

I think its related to the python version as the "learn more" button takes me to the python page.

see details in my issue:

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