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0001668ScribusInternalpublic2005-02-15 07:07
Reporterturchinc Assigned Tocbradney  
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Platformx86OSlinuxOS Versionredhat 9.1
Summary0001668: certain nonvalid (for xml) characters appear in scribus internal document format
DescriptionCertain illegal characters (like #x5, ENQ) keep showing up in my scribus documents. This makes it invalid and not possible to parse with any xml parser.
Steps To Reproducenot sure how they get in there, i think they are near newlines often.
Additional Informationbefore a dtd is published, the xml generated needs to be valid.
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duplicate of 0000111 closedcbradney Scribus Document File format 
has duplicate 0004050 closedavox  isn't a valid xml character and should not be used in the SLA format 



2005-02-15 07:06

administrator   ~0003705

The Scribus format is not meant to be parsed by any other program, its not purely XML and we are making a new format for 1.3/1.4 that will be.

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