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0004050ScribusGeneralpublic2008-01-30 19:46
Reporterlkcl Assigned Toavox  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.3.2cvs 
Fixed in Version1.3.4cvs 
Summary0004050:  isn't a valid xml character and should not be used in the SLA format
DescriptionThe Scribus file format uses a character that is not legal in XML documents to represent paragraph breaks. The resulting documents are not well formed and can not be valid XML, causing standards compliant parsers to fail.

Original reporter:

in order to parse the .sla document with python's sax module, i've had
to write some xxxxing stupid file-object-parser which pre-processes your
inability to stick to simple XML specifications which state that you _cannot_
have a &#xNN value less than 0x20.

please pick a different character - preferably something daft like 0x7f - as
your end-of-paragraph character - in order that you can output well-formed
XML and i and other people can actually friggin read the XML and do things
like create an HTML converter.
Steps To ReproduceAttempting to parse a Scribus document in a standards compliant parser will fail the well-formedness check. Try the xsltproc tool, Python's XML modules, etc.
Additional InformationThis breaks parsers that check for well-formedness (ie anything but Qt3's dodgy parser) and makes it very hard to write tools to process the SLA format.

This bug has been known for some time ; it will be fixed as part of the new file format work. At the same time a major cleanup of the format will be done, making it practical to actually work with it (the current format not being too friendly).

[unhelpful and rude comments by original reporter deleted - CR]
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duplicate of 0001668 closedcbradney certain nonvalid (for xml) characters appear in scribus internal document format 
child of 0002098 acknowledged Metabug: New File Format 



2006-07-22 14:18

reporter   ~0011960

hm... where's the means for me to change the priority to "low" on this interface, after having created the bug report?


2006-07-22 21:37

administrator   ~0011962

We don't claim Scribus 1.2 -- 1.3.3 fileformat is pure XML, and we know about the  issue.


2006-07-23 02:31

reporter   ~0011967

k. cool. glad to hear you know about it.

here's the thing: this is a complete show-stopper for people (like myself)
to write converters.

it's _critical_ that you stick to the XML specification.

doing this sort of thing is _ridiculous_:

    def read(self, size):

        if size > len(self.buf):
            txt =
            self.buf += txt
            while 1:
                loc = self.buf.find('')
                if loc >= 0:
                    self.buf = self.buf[:loc] + '' + self.buf[loc+5:]
        ret = self.buf[:size]
        self.buf = self.buf[size:]
        return ret

just so i can get it to pass through the python xml handlers.
if you want other people to create addons for scribus - sla2html etc.
you've _got_ to get this fixed. make it &#x7f instead - that's
a valid xml character - _anything_.


2006-07-23 11:55

administrator   ~0011968

It will be u2028 and u2029 in the future. I hope you don't mind UTF-8 :-)


2006-07-23 12:03

reporter   ~0011970

yaay! hell, no, don't care at all!


2006-07-23 15:20

reporter   ~0011975

lkcl: This is a known issue; it will be fixed with the new file format and not before.


2006-07-23 15:22

reporter   ~0011976

Last edited: 2006-07-23 15:30

Additionally, I strongly suggest you be more polite in future. Swearing at the team is not a helpful way to achieve anything. Especially since I think everybody has explained the situation on the mailing lists at least once, and there was already a bug in the tracker if you'd merely bothered to search for it.

Rudeness doesn't help.


2006-07-23 19:36

administrator   ~0011987

We are well aware of this, we will fix it. We never claimed we were writing XML compliant files, only XML based. This is not a bug, and we never suggested anyone should write a converter, feel free to do that when the new format is written.


2008-01-30 19:44

administrator   ~0018792

This is fixed with the 1.3.4 file format.

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