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0001677ScribusUser Interfacepublic2005-04-09 13:16
ReporterExScite Assigned Tocbradney  
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PlatformMac PowerbookOSMac OSXOS Version10.3.8
Product Version1.2.2cvs 
Fixed in Version1.2.2cvs 
Summary0001677: Change "Kerning" to "Tracking" in UI to more accurately reflect function
DescriptionAs a type-head, I don't like use of the term "kerning" to describe what is really "tracking." Kerning in DTP terms means removal -- or sometimes addition -- of space between characters, like To, when you want the o to tuck under the bar of the T. Apps that support automatic kerning allow creation of kern pairs, indicating the desired space between characters.

Feature request 1. Change Kerning to Tracking in all applicable dialogs; should be simple.

Feature request 2. Implement real automatic kerning (harder)
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related to 0001851 closedavox Implement real automatic kerning 



2005-02-16 02:01

developer   ~0003719

Last edited: 2005-02-16 02:03

In any event, Summary line got to be more specific, please.
It helps reporters browse into this huge list before posting a bug report and prevents from reporting the same bug twice, which in turn helps developpers.
Also, please take advantage of the interface and pick the most appropriate listing in the menu. In the first case, you may find "User interface" and "Tweak" to be a better choice.
Filing a bug for each instance is also a good idea.

And... *most* important: welcome aboard! :)


2005-02-16 06:44

reporter   ~0003720

Please file a separate bug with severity 'feature' for the automatic kerning feature request.

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