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0000168ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2012-10-28 09:48
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000168: single click should place text cursor
DescriptionThe user must click twice to place the cursor in text-edit mode - once to activate the frame, and once to place the cursor. This is confusing. The first click should place the cursor.
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has duplicate 0001114 closedringerc Full-time access to *edit content* tool 
has duplicate 0001293 closed Getting the caret into a text frame requires too many mouse clicks. 
related to 0002407 acknowledged Metabug: Misleading and wrong cursors 
related to 0003157 acknowledged Metabug: Cursor placement fixes 



2004-01-15 16:35

manager   ~0000230

but, then you wouldn't be able to select a text frame anymore! or am i missing something?


2004-01-15 16:42

administrator   ~0000231

you would have to click on the line. we havent discussed this one.. not sure about it yet.


2004-01-15 16:57

updater   ~0000232

The frame could still be selected in Move mode. There's no reason to select an entire frame in Text Edit mode, because by definition, you don't work with frames in Text Edit mode, you work with text.


2004-01-15 17:19

manager   ~0000233

ok, i admit that i never used the text tool... but i see the "bug" if you click with the text tool activated, the text frame becomes directly editable but the cursor is still at the last place you were when editing that frame.

but it could also be a feature ;-) if you switch between many frames you know that you will be back to the last position you were editing without having to point exactly at the right caracter...

so, i'm confortable with the idea that with the move pointer selects the frame and the editing pointer places the cursor...


2004-04-25 15:01

viewer   ~0001187

Changing this to feature request.

The current behavior is consistent and works.

Text selection has had many improvements. Candidate for wontfix ?


2004-09-05 19:34

reporter   ~0002305

Last edited: 2005-06-23 07:30

I think click-on-frame is pretty painful when you're working on arranging objects. The move/edit tool mode system in apps like Quark does not impress. It might be nice to support a modifier-click to go into edit mode at the chosen location, however, as this is easier to perform quickly and accurately than a double click on a fine target.

To clarify: Argh, please don't make single-click-to-edit the default, but modifier-click-to-edit might be useful.


2005-07-19 12:24

developer   ~0005641

ringerc: what modifier do you imagine?


2005-07-19 12:26

developer   ~0005642

Actually, I see no probs with autoentering text frame in text mode. This behaviour works perfectly in modern Inkscape. No confusions, no issues whatsoever.

If anyone wishes to select a text frame, he can just switch to selection tool.


2006-04-13 19:03

developer   ~0009900

Planned in Roadmap Extras
with no ETA

Changing the status to acknowledged


2008-02-10 02:35

developer   ~0018939

Quote <I think click-on-frame is pretty painful when you're working on arranging objects.>

I disagree.

I don't understand why bug 0001114 was closed. Maybe only because of bad wording on my part. But ok. Maybe the reporter of this actual bug had the same thing in mind as I did. Not too sure about the explanation though.

When a user selects a tool, we must assume he knows what he's doing. If I select the content tool, I want to edit an image or a text, I expect to have full access to this tool until I decide to do something else, such as move things around. I might want to edit the content of 3 text frames and 2 image frames one after the other. This is stuff we do everyday! I need full time access to the content tool. I certainly don't want to waste my time with back and forth trips to the toolbar to first select a frame, then go to the content tool... (and repeat for the 2nd frame, the 3rd, etc.).

I hope we can raise this, if possible! :) With all respect due, I know for a fact the actual behavior is enough to discourage quite a few power users.


2009-09-12 13:50

developer   ~0022482

i agree with :

"I certainly don't want to waste my time with back and forth trips to the toolbar to first select a frame, then go to the content tool... (and repeat for the 2nd frame, the 3rd, etc.)."

and with :
"the actual behavior is enough to discourage quite a few power users."


2010-06-25 02:16

developer   ~0024215


This bug report was created at the beginning of year 2004 and we’re still struggling with this. I don’t think we even need to discuss for a long time. We have all the reasonnings we need here.

Is this fixable? If not, what do we need to fix it?


2010-06-25 03:21

administrator   ~0024223

>>>If not, what do we need to fix it?

Probably Andreas finishing his rewrite of the text engine.

Personally, I'd also prefer a modifier click, as suggested by ringerc. The latter may be doable a lot easier and more consistent with the behaviour of other frames.


2010-06-25 03:52

updater   ~0024225

You know, after six years, I can let this one go. I'll focus on other things. I got a couple ready to go...


2010-06-25 11:47

developer   ~0024229

>>>Probably Andreas finishing his rewrite of the text engine.

Is this so closely related to the text engine it has to wait until it is rewritten? I was under the impression it’s a decision on when to get a tool active.

Like estebandido says... after six years...


2012-10-28 09:48

manager   ~0029109

works correctly in 1.4.2
(i will open a new ticket for a side issue)

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