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0016888ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2023-01-13 15:03
Reporterzacl Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformPCOSwindows 10 
Product Version1.5.8 
Summary0016888: Image lost when Copy-paste inline image - Path modified in SLA
DescriptionWhen I copy an inline image in a text frame and paste it in this frame or another, the image disappear for each copy.

Steps To Reproduce1 - Insert image in frame
2 - Create an inline image in text (copy-paste image frome frame to text)
3 - Select the inline image + copy
4 - paste the inline image in the same text frame or another one
5 - Inline image disapear (at least in the text frame where pasted)
6 - Save and Reload the file -> all instance of this inline image disapear
Additional InformationIn the SLA code I noticed a change that occure each time I paste the inline image :

    - ItemID of FRAMEOBJECT of the inline image is changed. Reference InID is kept.
    - The Path to the image change from relative to absolute. Changing it back to relative make it work!

working code of inline image :
<FRAMEOBJECT InID="22317" XPOS="0" YPOS="0" OwnPage="-1" ItemID="220454048" ... PFILE="2023-01-09 14_58_11-.png"...>

altered code of inline image :
<FRAMEOBJECT InID="22317" XPOS="0" YPOS="0" OwnPage="-1" ItemID="220624816" ... PFILE="C:/Pictures/autre/2023-01-09 14_58_11-.png" ...>

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2023-01-10 16:31

reporter   ~0049870

Maybe related to this one


2023-01-10 19:53

administrator   ~0049873

Unable to reproduce here.


2023-01-10 20:10

reporter   ~0049874

Sorry, I was wrong on step 4. It is
4 - paste the inline image in another text frame


2023-01-10 20:21

administrator   ~0049875

No change here : unable to reproduce.


2023-01-11 10:40

reporter   ~0049876

Gif in Attachement to see the process and results
Animation2.gif (642,345 bytes)   
Animation2.gif (642,345 bytes)   


2023-01-11 17:20

reporter   ~0049878

Ok, not sure why it failed in the gif but i found that if the image has a folder with a point inside its name the process fail.

It is my bad cause I wrongly anonymise my name in the path I post above:

Problematic Path :
PFILE="C:/User/NAME.SURNAME/Pictures/autre/2023-01-09 14_58_11-.png" ...>


2023-01-11 19:55

reporter   ~0049880

Tried on another computer and I have random results where I sometimes get path o inline image mixed with the path of previously included image in another file...
Dot in the name is maybe not a problem.
If someone else could try and find why I get this strange behavior it would be interesting.


2023-01-11 20:30

administrator   ~0049882

The dot in the folder name is not the problem. I did some tests and cannot reproduce the problem either in this case.


2023-01-12 08:05

manager   ~0049885

works on my linux system.

using forward slashes is normally ok, but i wonder if this

C:/Pictures/autre/2023-01-09 14_58_11-.png

is a valid path for all three:

- windows
- qt
- scribus

can you try to manually replace the / by \\ ?


2023-01-13 14:34

reporter   ~0049899

"G:/Utilisateurs/name.surname/Pictures/test/2023-01-09 14_58_11-.png" is valid
"G:\\Utilisateurs\\name.surname\\Pictures\\test\\2023-01-09 14_58_11-.png" is valid too

But when I copy paste inline image it became altered.

- With sla in same folder than png it become "../../../../Pictures/test/2023-01-09 14_58_11-.png" instead of "2023-01-09 14_58_11-.png"
- With sla in another disk ( at C:/toto/scribus/) it become : "G:/Pictures/test/2023-01-09 14_58_11-.png"


2023-01-13 15:03

reporter   ~0049900

In the end it work correctly outside of "G:/Utilisateurs/name.surname/" folder.
If I understood well the source code when I paste the inlane image, scribus try to generate a relative path.
This generated path is altered only if I work inside of windows "Users" folder (Utilisateurs for FR Windows)

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