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0016928ScribusScripterpublic2023-05-08 15:10
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Product Version1.7.0.svn 
Summary0016928: scripter: placeVectorFile is missing several arguments and shows the "importing file" dialog
Description- by default, placeVectorFile() should simply import the file, using default arguments, without showing any dialog
- there can be an argument that asks for the dialog (interactive mode)
- we need named arguments for:
  - picking the page
  - importing text as text or as vector (enum?)
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related to 0016934 new When using script to open PDF file, no possibility to pass option to avoid dialog box before importing 



2023-04-15 15:15

manager   ~0050119

i'm working on a patch.

i've added the named arguments, now i need to figure out how to split PdfPlug::convert() so that collecting the parameters is separated from the importing of the page itself.

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