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0016934ScribusImport / Exportpublic2023-05-07 14:42
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Summary0016934: When using script to open PDF file, no possibility to pass option to avoid dialog box before importing
DescriptionI use scripts to process pdf files. Everything works fine. Great job !
The only issue is that when I do a scribus.openDoc(pdfFile) the import dialog box is showing up. So I need to press enter each time which is a problem when I process hundreds of PDF :)
Is there a way to pass options - like scribus.openDoc(pdfFile, all pages, vector) or anything else?
I don't find any information on importing a PDF (export is more detailed)
Thank you !!
Steps To ReproduceMake a script like that
import scribus
import os

file = scribus.fileDialog('Select filename to get the folder path')
basePath = os.path.dirname(file)

for filename in os.scandir(basePath):
    if filename.is_file():

Choose a PDF in a folder containing several PDF.
then the dialog box shows up asking for importing All pages, pages ... and sone other questions
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related to 0016928 new scripter: placeVectorFile is missing several arguments and shows the "importing file" dialog 



2023-04-26 11:23

manager   ~0050138

i'm working on it in 0016928 .

i'm slowly figuring out

- how to simplify and
- refactor

PdfPlug::convert() and allow the separation of the dialogs from the actual action.

if you know c++ and want to help i welcome contributions : - )


2023-04-26 11:47

reporter   ~0050139

I'm sorry but I'm not fluent in c++. But if you tell me where to look I can make some tries
Thank you for your work
For now I made a Mac OS app (with automator) that press enter burn !! :)


2023-04-26 11:50

reporter   ~0050140

burn = beurk (= yuck in French)


2023-04-26 18:30

manager   ~0050141

well, for refactoring the function i don't think that wizard skills in c++ are needed... but i guess that one needs to have some sort of firm grasp of it...
and i fear that that's a bit far from what automator is about.

the easy part (creating the the scripter command) is already over : - )

i hope to find some time during the next few weeks and to slowly take apart that 500 lines "monster" (that's a beurk!)

stay tuned


2023-05-05 14:53

reporter   ~0050152

Hi Ale
hope you're fine !
I think I have a serious bug while opening some PDF and maybe the answer is in the "monster" you told me about.
In the pdf "test.pdf", there is a text. This file was generated with TCPDF lib (6.6.2). Something like
$pdf->Text(4* $ratio + $fp, 146* $ratio + $fp, "Where is this text?");
When I open this file with a pdf viewer, the text is ok.
But when I use scribus, the text is gone!
Am I missing something or is it a known bug ?
Thank you !!
test.pdf (6,719 bytes)


2023-05-06 20:24

manager   ~0050154

i can import the file correctly....
here-it-is.png (2,288 bytes)   
here-it-is.png (2,288 bytes)   


2023-05-07 08:09

reporter   ~0050155

So I definitely miss something :)
I'm using Scribus 1.5.8 on a Mac with Big Sur. Maybe I need to make a new bug report on this specific problem.
Thank you


2023-05-07 13:31

manager   ~0050156

you're version is one year old so, indeed, the issue might have been resolved in-between...


2023-05-07 14:42

reporter   ~0050157

you're totally right, sorry for that. 1.5.9.svn version opens it as it is.
Thank you again !!

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