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0001710ScribusStylespublic2006-04-28 17:07
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Summary0001710: A way to manage stylesheets when inserting a page from another document
DescriptionWhen you insert a page from another document, Scribus brings with it all stylesheets from that document, without asking anything or giving any options to the users.

Having too many (unecessary) stylesheets can lead to confusion and/or extra work to get rid of those.

I think there is need for managing stylesheets, at import, a better way.

One idea could be that when inserting a page, a dialog could ask what to do with the stylesheets of the document we import from, either:
1. [Add Stylesheet] (Tooltip: All stylesheet from the imported document will be added to the current set.)
2. [Manage Stylesheets] (Tooltip: For each stylesheet of the imported document you will be asked to a) keep the stylesheet or b) replace the stylesheet by an existing stylesheet of the current document)
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related to 0000403 closedfschmid Edit>Edit Styles>Append does not allow to choose the style to import like template append does. 
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2005-04-08 07:33

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bumping to 1.3


2006-04-28 17:07

administrator   ~0010591

This would be consistent with sxw and odt import. I agree, very desirable.

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