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0001795Scribus-public2005-04-07 19:18
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Product Version1.2.1 
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Summary0001795: Dead keys do not work properly
DescriptionWhen I try to write text into a text frame and I want to show a letter with an accent e.g. á I see 'a. And when I use the internal editor, it shows á but when it copies the text I don't see nothing within the text frame. I am from Spain (Europe) and I use Fedora Core 3 and UTF-8.
Steps To Reproduce-Press a dead key. E.g. '.
-Press another key. E.g. o.
-I obtain 'o.
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has duplicate 0001908 closedavox Dead Keys do not work 



2005-03-20 20:48

administrator   ~0003939

Works fine here...


2005-03-22 18:59

reporter   ~0003948

Yes, it works fine with other Linux distributions, but not with Fedora Core 3. I have tried with Mandrake 10.1 and it has worked fine, but with Fedora Core 3 it do not work correctly.


2005-03-23 02:20

administrator   ~0003951

Last edited: 2005-03-23 02:22

There was a similar issue on thy LyX mailing list. They tracked it down to Qt's input method (immodule)
Apparently Fedora ships an incompatible one.


2005-03-24 16:13

reporter   ~0003965

Yes, it happens with another KDE programs e.g. Koffice. I have updated qt to 3.3.4 version (with iiimf support) and bug has changed. Now when I press ' and a, I do not see nothing. It's a qt bug? Or is an important update issue to take in mind for all the qt programmers?


2005-04-07 19:18

viewer   ~0004115

I would file a bug in and reference this bug as well. We can confirm it works on three other distros with Qt 3.3.3+

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