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0000185ScribusGeneralpublic2016-05-21 12:58
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Product Version1.3.4cvs 
Target VersionFuture Release - Nice to have 
Summary0000185: Allow frames on master pages to have content when applied to normal pages.
DescriptionNeed to find a way to allow creation of unchangeable text and picture frames on master pages that can have their content edited when applied to normal pages.
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has duplicate 0002412 closed Not possible to make PDF annotations in a Template /Master Page 
has duplicate 0002845 closedcbradney Item from Template cannot be changed 
related to 0002119 closedfschmid Text frame size wrong when adding pages 
related to 0005990 closed Items on Master pages can never be placed above items on normal pages 
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2004-01-24 21:07

reporter   ~0000306

If I'm reading this feature right, I have to agree and add my support to its implementation - I was about to report it myself. Using templates in this way is probably their major strength, since you can create a layout that is adhered to by the whole document, but with different content in every instance. This can be critical for books and newspapers and such where you want to use the template as you'd use a style - create a template, apply it to a whole bunch of new pages, fill the pages with different content, then change the template to affect layout changes to all the inheriting pages. I'm sure this change will make Scribus more useful to users with complex documents.


2004-01-24 23:20

manager   ~0000311

I suppose this comes pretty close to this feature. It would be also nice if "Text flows around Box" set for an object in template would affect a text frame in the actual page.


2004-01-29 15:24

viewer   ~0000387

moved to 1.3+


2006-04-13 18:27

administrator   ~0009898

Is it possible to raise the priority of this request? The reason is that it's one of the most asked-for features in German forums.


2006-04-13 19:03

developer   ~0009901

Planned in Roadmap Extras
with no ETA

Changing the status to acknowledged


2010-02-17 09:03

reporter   ~0023314

Just a suggestion:
Some objects on a masterpage should not be editable on regular pages (textframe of the pagenumber, some images and so on). So it should be possible to define somewhere which objects can be edited on a regular page and which not.
Possible approach would be an additional boolean option in the layersdialog when editing a masterpage "is editable template layer"


2010-05-11 08:44

reporter   ~0023891

Keep Scribus as simple as possible.
I suggest to use lock status: if frame/object is locked while in master page mode it can't be edited in regular mode, if not then one can modify object as if it was created in regular mode. May be lock indicator (I believe there will be one somewhen) should have different colors for objects locked in different modes.
Rather simple.

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