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0001896ScribusGeneralpublic2005-04-24 06:59
Reporterrobmed Assigned Tofschmid  
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Platformx86OSGentoo LinuxOS Version2005.1
Product Version1.3.0cvs 
Summary0001896: Page numbering not generated
DescriptionWhen editing the same document as is attached to bug 0000847:0001895, the first page has the page number correctly displayed at the bottom of the page, but all others display the '##' markers that were inserted into the page templates; page number generation is not occurring for the entire document.
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related to 0001895 closedfschmid Some pages are not editable 
child of 0003837 acknowledged Metabug: Master pages/Page templates 



2005-04-21 11:50

administrator   ~0004334

Examined the file out of bug 1895, only the first page has the correct Chaper Right Template applied to it, all the other have Templates Normal Left and Normal Right. In these Template pages the page number tokens are replaced by the character #. Thats why the numbers won't display


2005-04-21 16:56

administrator   ~0004342

Yes, they used to be the original page number characters. This is the same file that used to have the page numbering bug. Somehow they have been replaced.


2005-04-21 17:16

administrator   ~0004345

If 1895 is fixed, we can see if this reoccurs.


2005-04-21 21:26

administrator   ~0004354

File has definitly wrong Templates applied and in the "Normal Right" and "Normal Left" Template there are only normal # Characters stored. Examined that with Vim.

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