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0000195ScribusGeneralpublic2006-05-06 01:16
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Summary0000195: Master pages must be 2 different facing pages
DescriptionWhen someone is working on a facing page document, he/she must be able to place different elements on the left and right page of the master page eg. on the left we can have an semi transparent background image but not at the right.
Additional InformationCopied from duplicate 0003256:

Master pages containing multiple pages would make things easier while working with typical layouts:

-- 2-page master page: left + right page in one master page would allow to use one master page for a whole book, including differently positioned pagination and other typical book layout elements

-- the same applies to 3-fold and 4-fold > one single master page containing all needed pages with appriopriate page margins would ease the workflow
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2004-01-22 23:57

administrator   ~0000287

When Facing Pages is selected, and you create a template, you can tell it if the template is for a left or a right page.


2004-01-23 10:27

reporter   ~0000291

In a facing page layout in order to be productive you must have a facing page layout as a whole spread. eg. You need to spread a background image or a huge title or other element across the two pages.


2004-01-29 15:01

viewer   ~0000386

moving to 1.3


2006-05-06 01:16

reporter   ~0010995

It's already on the roadmap afaik. No?

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