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0003222ScribusUser Interfacepublic2006-04-08 11:46
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Summary0003222: Masters as spread too.
DescriptionIt would be hepful to be able to edit and apply Masters as spreads instead of unique pages.

Master pages containing multiple pages would make things easier while working with typical layouts:

-- 2-page master page: left + right page in one master page would allow to use one master page for a whole book, including differently positioned pagination and other typical book layout elements

-- the same applies to 3-fold and 4-fold > one single master page containing all needed pages with appriopriate page margins would ease the workflow
Additional InformationIncluded description from 3526 (closed as duplicate)
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duplicate of 0000195 feedback Master pages must be 2 different facing pages 
has duplicate 0003526 closedcbradney Master pages containing multiple pages 
child of 0003837 acknowledged Metabug: Master pages/Page templates 



2006-02-11 02:35

reporter   ~0008690

I was thinking... simple drag & dropping could apply Master as single page and shift+drag & dropping could apply Master as spread.


2006-03-15 16:17

developer   ~0009299

Reminder sent to: user715

this looks like a feature you've mentioned as 0000002 on your must-have list, right?

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