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0001989ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-02-14 13:50
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Product Version1.3.3cvs 
Summary0001989: U/I improvement - defining Scratch Space
DescriptionThe concept of Scratch Space in 1.3.0 is a great addition, but its numeric implementation in Preferences and Document Setup is not intuitive. Proposed is a visual implementation.
Steps To Reproducen/a
Additional InformationAttached picture shows a suggested implementation in Preferences or Document Setup which allows the user to define scratch space by dragging handles rather than entering numbers. Document spread plus margins are depicted; user adjusts scratch space as one would adjust any frame.
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related to 0003532 closedplinnell Scratch space size in %; default size 100% 


2005-05-15 12:16


HW ScrSp.png (16,922 bytes)   
HW ScrSp.png (16,922 bytes)   


2005-07-12 17:53

viewer   ~0005554

bumping this. but a good idea IMO.

Added to roadmap.

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