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0003532ScribusUsabilitypublic2006-04-19 22:46
Reportermhanski Assigned Toplinnell 
Status closedResolutionnot fixable 
Product Version1.3.3 
Summary0003532: Scratch space size in %; default size 100%
Description-- scratch space size in Preferences/Display should be defined in % of the page size, (at least optional to the current, absolute settings)

-- default scratch space should be set to 100% of the page size to the left and right of the page (such default settings are, reportedly, pretty widespread in other dtp software)
Additional InformationThis is a part of a longer report I've received per mail from a Polish DTP professional (a pl.comp.dtp reader).
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related to 0001989 acknowledged U/I improvement - defining Scratch Space 
related to 0003525 closedfschmid wrong scratch space set after changing page properties 



2006-03-29 19:55

developer   ~0009559

Reminder sent to: user715


2006-03-29 21:26

administrator   ~0009563

Scratch space cannot be set in %. Scribus supports multiple page sizes and orientations in one document.


2006-04-19 22:22

developer   ~0010159

Reminder sent to: plinnell

this would be a "won't fix", i guess?


2006-04-19 22:28

viewer   ~0010160

Where we handle multpile page size and orientations in the same document, the normal concept of scratch space does not work. I understand the request and how other apps do things normally, but in this case the superior flexibility in the layout won't work with traditional fixed page sizes common in other layout apps.

It is not obvious, but this is an area where Scribus is superior to others from my experience. (I've not yet played with Q7)

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