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0002039ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2005-06-15 14:11
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Summary0002039: column span
DescriptionI'd like to have a option to span single paragraphs (header lines) over the whole width of a mulitcolumn text frame. an option could be "only left/right".
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related to 0001155 acknowledged Support non-breakable text blocks 
related to 0002036 closedfschmid request for a frame break 
related to 0002098 acknowledged Metabug: New File Format 



2005-06-01 12:36

reporter   ~0004858

Isn't this best done with an overlaid text frame with "text flows around frame" set?

Just curious ... I don't really understand what this would gain, which probably means I'm misunderstanding what you mean.


2005-06-01 14:12

reporter   ~0004861

of course I can do it with an additional textframe, but if I insert or move text I have to move that frame too.


2005-06-01 22:03

reporter   ~0004872

Makes sense to me.

I'm hoping that at some point it'll be possible to add support for "blocks" of text, and this might fit in well with that.

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