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0002169ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2015-05-01 18:07
ReporterTomK32 Assigned To 
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PlatformMacOSXOSMacOSXOS Version10.4 Tiger
Summary0002169: Long pauses with new non-modal story editor when working with large amounts of text
DescriptionScribus hangs for a while when the focus changes if there's alot of text open in the story editor. It seems to be to do with the re-sync between SE and main canvas with the new non-modal SE.

While not an issue for smaller amounts of text, for larger bodies of text it's a significant problem.
Steps To Reproducehave some text, change in story editor, switch to some other app without closing the story editor and switch back to scribus/story editor.
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2005-07-01 08:36

administrator   ~0005300

It's not slow in my version under Panther. So either tomk32's version is different or it's a Tiger issue.
Needs investigation.

Did you try to profile with Shark?


2005-07-01 08:43

administrator   ~0005301

Its not at all slow here either.


2005-07-01 08:49

administrator   ~0005303

Well, it's somewhat slow when you have the full LoremIpsum in three frames over two pages, but only the first time Scribus has to update the canvas (I placed first and last frame on page 1 and second frame on page 2).


2005-07-01 08:52

reporter   ~0005304

Further testing here suggests that while it's slow on some documents that's mostly because it's forcing a redraw, and the redraw is slow. Try it on an A3 page with a decent amount of text and images on it.

Realoading when refocusing the story editor seems very quick.


2005-07-01 09:15

reporter   ~0005305

I usually have text frames with 10k upto 40k characters, with hyphenation. as ringerc suggested a dirty flag for the pageitem or some other way to prevent editing the canvas would be fine and make it unnecessary to have SE save the text into the textframe so often.


2005-07-01 09:22

reporter   ~0005306

I just tested this by importing a small book from . There's definitely a long hang at focus changes. With mouse focus it makes things almost unusable, and without I imagine it's still a pain.


2005-07-01 10:41

reporter   ~0005311

something to note: the issue is independent from having hyphens. seems like that point got better :-)

Also, the text cursor jumps to the start of the editor if it gains focus again. That is NOT FUNNY in a long text!


2005-07-02 18:39

administrator   ~0005345

Cursor stays now in place when you switch focus.


2015-05-01 18:07

updater   ~0035006

Is this bug specifically for OSX ?

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