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0000221ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2006-01-16 22:22
Reporterestebandido Assigned Tocbradney  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.0cvs 
Fixed in Version1.2.5cvs 
Summary0000221: selecting text in a multi-column text is a chore
DescriptionThe selection jumps around unpredictably.
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has duplicate 0000603 closedcbradney text selectin over several columns... 
has duplicate 0002323 closedcbradney Editing text within a frame is sluggish and has cursor issues 



2004-03-17 22:28

reporter   ~0000759

I can confirm this on Mac OSX, Scribus 1.1.5 from fink.

In order to select text, I have to put a space after the text line then select up to before the space. If you try to select to the end of a line, all hell breaks loose. :)


2005-05-21 19:42

reporter   ~0004735

Selecting text in a multi-column text box is a real problem. I'm working as DTP designer for 7 years, and when I heard for Scribus I tought that this is the long waiting DTP software for Linux. First thing I tryed is to make 3 comlumns tex box, place example text and start applying styles and fonts properties.
A big dissapointment! Scribus has so nice features, but lags an elementary control over text selection! And this spoils all together the first good impression. :(
I suggest that text boxt should allow smouth text selection with mouse, with mouse and shift key - block selection, double click - word selection, triple click - line selection, and even four click as paragraph selection. That is my opinion as 7 years experience with different DTP software - Quark, PageMaker, MS Publisher etc.


2005-05-21 20:16

viewer   ~0004736

Note the text engine is in the middle of being re-written. There are many improvements already in 1.30cvs, but more to come. Also, note Scribus has a story editor, which probably works a bit closer to what you are used to.


2005-05-21 21:05

reporter   ~0004738

The most professional DTP designers will agree that the ability to make tiny (but often important) adjusments "on fly" directly in text box, is a common features in their day-to-day work. I like the store editor in Scribus, but in real life it is not very often used. I'm using Scribus 1.3CVS at home, but I'll wait to install it at my work place.


2006-01-16 22:22

viewer   ~0008133

tested, vastly more usable text selection

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