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Product Version1.3.0 
Summary0002279: relation eps-resolution/resample-resolution
DescriptionThe relation between the eps-rendring-resolution and the resample-resolution in the register "General" of the PDF-exporting-dialog is quite strange...
Additional InformationGo to the PDF-export-dialog. When resampling is enabled, disable it. Change the EPS-resolution e.g. to 305 dpi. Enable resampling - it's not posibble to enter higher values than 305 dpi. Then change the EPS-resolution to 450 dpi. Now it's still not possible to enter higher values than 305 dpi for resampling. After disabling resampling and enabling it another way, it's than possible to enter resolutions up to 450 dpi.
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related to 0002745 new PDF Export: Image resampling needs more control over when to resample 



2005-10-20 12:19

reporter   ~0007147

Still in 1.3.2cvs .

I don't understand the rationale for limiting the image resampling resolution to the EPS rasterisation resolution anyway. It makes little sense to resample EPSs we've just rasterised, so the two settings should be entirely independent.

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