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Summary0002745: PDF Export: Image resampling needs more control over when to resample
DescriptionCurrently, users are given the option to resample all images to x dpi, or not to resample at all. This isn't going to be flexible enough for most.

Ideally, there would be options to control greyscale, colour, and possibly mono (I'm not sure the latter is actually needed) image resampling independently, with a threshold as well as a sample rate.

For example, I might need to resample colour images above 240dpi down to 200dpi, resample greyscale images above 600dpi to 300dpi, and resample mono images above 1200dpi to 900dpi.

Control over different image types is necessary because they take different amounts of space, suffer differently from resampling and compression, and thus need different decisions made about them.

A threshold is needed because if I have a 220dpi image, in most cases resampling it to 200dpi will hurt its quality much more than it'll save me in size. It's generally better to avoid resampling images close to, but still somewhat above, the target DPI. It needs to be configurable because people's needs for this vary , but it should probably default to 10% or 20% above the current resample threshold.

The threshold would also ensure that low res images were not upsampled.
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