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Summary0001554: PDF Creation - image downsampling philosophy
DescriptionIn the PDF creation dialogue -
The selection of "image downsampling" results in the downsampling of both imported graphics (e.g. a jpg photo) and images embedded in an imported PDF (e.g. a table from OpenOffice). Subsequently, when viewed on the screen, the downsampled PDF image is of very poor quality and unsuitable for distribution to third parties for screen viewing.

I believe this to be the wrong philosophy. The user should be given the option not to downsample imported pdf images.
Steps To ReproduceCreate 2 graphics boxes, import a high res jpg in one and a pdf table exported from OO in the other (or an eps from OO Draw). Select "PDF creation" dialogue, select "image downsampling", set to 100 dpi. View PDF in Acrobat. Photo is fine but table is dreadful.
Additional InformationIn the file "pdflib.cpp":
Lines (there are 2) "QMIN(Options->PicRes,Options->Resolution)" is responsible for the described behaviour.

For my purposes, I have changed this to read "QMAX(Options->PicRes,

A proper solution would be to use another check box to control "PicRes".
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2005-04-07 20:31

viewer   ~0004129

moving to 1.3+ 1.2.x is now stable


2006-04-20 21:35

developer   ~0010209

Reminder sent to: wdobler

what do you think of it?


2006-04-27 05:44

reporter   ~0010529

[Sorry for reacting that late -- I was on vacation]
This sounds like a good suggestion.
As long as PDF is imported as raster graphics, _any_ downsampling of imported PDF is problematic; with large images, on the other hand, downsampling can be highly desirable. And these two constraints will frequently meet in the same document.

[I guess issue 0003561 is easier to fix, though, as it is only about defaults in the user interface, whereas this one probably requires tracking of where a raster image came from.]

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