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0003561ScribusImport / Exportpublic2006-05-09 19:55
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Summary0003561: Default settings for image export should be more flexible
DescriptionIf I export a document with a few JPEG images to PDF and click `Resample images', the default settings for compression are `Compression Method: Automatic' and `Compression Quality: Maximum'.

The tooltip for `Automatic' tells me quite convincingly that Scribus knows what is good for me. But it doesn't, because as soon as I resample, the compression is lossless and so the resulting PDF file gets huge.

For web-oriented PDF, good defaults would be `Compression Method: Lossy - JPEG' and probably `Quality: High'.

To distinguish this from the maximum-quality settings desirable for print-oriented PDF, I see two options:
(a) change the defaults as soon as resampling is activated (which you would not normally do for print-shop PDF).
(b) add a radio-button or menu list where the user can choose between `web-oriented (compact)' and `print-oriented (best quality)' settings. If you go for `web-oriented', the compression method and quality get set to the defaults given above.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a Scribus document and insert an image.
2. Export to PDF, choosing the `Resmaple images' option.
3. Extract image from resulting PDF file using
     pdfimages -j file.pdf img
    You will find that the image file gets the extension .ppm, which indicates it was included with lossless compression (desired outcome: img*.jpg with much smaller file size than img*.ppm).
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