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0002486ScribusUser Interfacepublic2006-04-22 16:45
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Product Version1.3.1cvs 
Summary0002486: Change meaning of "Quality" in PDF Export
DescriptionIn PDF Export, the "quality" option determines the amount of compression applied in certain instances. The tooltip correctly reports that "high" quality == maximum compression. The user who does not read tooltips could be forgiven for thinking that "high" means best quality, i.e. mimimal compression.

This meaning of quality appeared in earliest versions of Acrobat Distiller, but was changed a long time ago by Adobe. Perhaps the option also ought to be labelled "Image Quality."
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duplicate of 0002277 new Image compression in PDF 
related to 0001554 acknowledged PDF Creation - image downsampling philosophy 
related to 0003560 closedfschmid PDF export should not `upsample' images 
related to 0003561 feedback Default settings for image export should be more flexible 
related to 0002745 new PDF Export: Image resampling needs more control over when to resample 



2006-04-08 17:26

developer   ~0009707

In scribus 1.3.3, it says "Compression quality" and not "Quality". However, you are right, "Compression quality==maximum" can be easily misunderstood. I think, the label "Compression level" would be more appriopriate.


2006-04-22 09:05

reporter   ~0010297

Related to or duplicate of bug 0002277 ?


2006-04-22 09:12

developer   ~0010298

Howard: would you agree that this issue could be merged with 2277? You could add your remarks there and we would close this one as duplicate.

Howard White

2006-04-22 12:18

updater   ~0010308

Feel free to merge with whatever and change the wording to whatever makes sense and is consistent generally with words that would be familiar to a contemporary Acrobat user.

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