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0003560ScribusImport / Exportpublic2006-04-10 19:30
Reporterwdobler Assigned Tofschmid  
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Platformx86OSLinuxOS VersionGentoo 2005.0
Product Version1.3.4cvs 
Fixed in Version1.3.3.1cvs 
Summary0003560: PDF export should not `upsample' images
DescriptionIf I export a document with a few JPEG images to PDF and click `Resample images', low-resolution images will get `upsampled' (refined) if they originally had a lower resolution than what I choose here.

I think this is rarely useful and if it needs to be possible, there should at least be a radio button `Never upsample' [replace by a real English word] that is on by default.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create Scribus document and insert extremely lo-res image.
2. Export to PDF and click `Resmaple images', set resolution relatively high (say, 600 dpi).
3. Compare resulting PDF size to original image size (or extract image using `pdfimages file.pdf img' and check resolution with `identify img*').
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related to 0001554 acknowledged PDF Creation - image downsampling philosophy 
related to 0002486 closed Change meaning of "Quality" in PDF Export 



2006-04-05 10:13

viewer   ~0009636

Agreed, this should fixed.


2006-04-08 20:30

administrator   ~0009723

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