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0005533Scribus-public2007-04-10 10:14
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Summary0005533: Exported PDF with resample option... bigger
DescriptionIf I export a document with some images (JPEG) to PDF and click "Resample images" and set 72DPI the resulting PDF file is bigger (14,4MB) than the one made without "resample" (13MB) (and of course the quality is worse, so the resample is working fine). How is that posibble? Shouldn't Scribus test if resulting image is larger (in file size) than the original and choose the smaller if the "resample" option is choosen?

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2007-04-06 23:44

administrator   ~0015772

If the original images were jpgs, then they are simply embedded as is.. if you change the compression method they could actually grow.


2007-04-10 07:18

reporter   ~0015843

IIRC we *used* to upsample images, but Scribus no longer does this. Given the small increase in size, I'd agree with cbradney - Scribus is probably having to recompress your images and getting worse results than the original. Not surprising, especially with JPEG compression, as JPEG does its best work on images that haven't been previously compressed.


2007-04-10 07:45

reporter   ~0015844

OK. I suppose in this case the JPEG compression is to blame, so the problem could be closed.

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