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0002332ScribusGeneralpublic2019-12-17 09:18
ReporterHoward White Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformanOSanyOS Versionany
Product Version1.3 
Summary0002332: Add regular expression capability to Search/Replace
DescriptionFor experienced users, the ability to use regular expressions in search and replace would be very helpful.
Additional Informationregexp capacity using Qt tools already exists and works in Text Filters (Import Text).


related to 0001752 assigned Use selected text in SE search/replace as the basis for the search field 
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child of 0003621 assignedTsoots [OBSOLETE] Metabug: COSS text importer update 
child of 0012755 new Metabug: Search & Replace (1.5.x svn) 



2011-04-22 20:07

reporter   ~0026137

Yes yes yes!!!! This is very needed!!! If would be great to have similar functionality as has. Some text authors are really bad and DTP operator has to replace all spaces with non-breaking spaces in front all prepositions etc... (with regex it is easy).


2011-05-04 14:18

reporter   ~0026177

I second that.

Search and Replace should also work on more than one Element at one. As it is now, you can search just in the selected text Element. You should be able to search through all Elements on a Page, all Elements in a Document.

There should also be Style Search and Replace, e.g. for all possible text features. Some are missing now.

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