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0002376ScribusGeneralpublic2005-09-07 21:06
Reporterdrekka Assigned Toringerc 
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Product Version1.3.0 
Summary0002376: Source code requests
DescriptionHi guys. I downloaded the cvs source tonight to have a look with a mind to see if there was anything I could do in relation to a couple of things I wanted. I was looking in the scribusview.cpp file.

Two things struck me when I looked at it. Firstly the lack of documentation. Um basically none. This made it difficult to identify what the code was trying to achieve in some parts and ment I had to do a lot of un-necessary trolling to follow it. Second, the size of some of the functions also made it hard as well.

Is there any move amongst the developers to start commenting the code and perhaps refactoring some of these larger and more complex functions and files ? It would help those of us who are interested helping out.

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duplicate of 0002382 acknowledged Metabug: Code quality, structure, readability 
related to 0001470 closedcbradney Comments on all classes and members in header files 
related to 0001678 closedfschmid Picture Management dialog needs a rewrite 
related to 0002161 acknowledged Re-examine copy/paste and drag & drop 
related to 0001037 closedsubik GetTextLength returns 0 for non-empty frame 
related to 0001653 confirmed Convert all PageItem direct member access to use getters and setters 
related to 0001662 closedfschmid Scribus eats ALL my memory and then gets killed by the oom-killer 
related to 0002253 acknowledged Write asynchronous gs interface 
related to 0001899 assignedjghali Clean up pdfopts.cpp / tabpdfopts.cpp 
related to 0001900 assignedjghali Convert PDFOptions, PDF dialog, and related to use enums not magic numbers 
related to 0002215 closedjghali Audit and fix text encoding handling 
related to 0002260 acknowledged Metabug: Long-running code that blocks the UI 
related to 0002251 acknowledged Metabug: Vanishing or silently disabled UI 



2005-08-03 15:41

reporter   ~0005870

bugs really isn't the best place to have this conversation. Suffice it to say it's an (all-too-well)-known issue, and that some of us are working on fixing it. Slowly. It's a big job and it's taking some cajoling and it takes time for attitudes and habits to shift.


2005-08-03 15:48

reporter   ~0005871

Linked some general code-quality related issues. Trust me when I say there are lots more, though most aren't in bugs as it's well known general cleanup work.

scribusview.cpp, PageItem::DrawObj, ScribusApp and friends are high on the list.

Many issues are historical. Some are not.

You're probably better off discussing this on the mailing list or on IRC. If you have specific issues with specific parts of the code, please feel free to file bugs.


2005-08-03 16:16

reporter   ~0005872

Your filing this has finally prompted me to file my "laundry list"/tracker bug. Thanks.

I'm going to close this as a dupe of the bug I just filed. I didn't want to just totally rewrite this one, and it's not really all that useful as a bug in the tracker as-is.

If you're interested in getting involved in fixing some of the issues you've very accurately identified, then bug 0001653 is a great place to start. Alternately, any of the linked bugs are probably well worth tackling, though some are much harder than you'd expect due to some convoluted bits of code.

If you want to see what I'm personally aiming towards in my current contributions, check out deferredtask.{cpp,h} and filesearch.{cpp,h} , plus the new plug-in API design work on 0002097.


2005-08-03 16:21

reporter   ~0005873

Not really a dupe, but not all that useful and better covered by the new 0002382.


2005-08-08 20:07

manager   ~0005941

actually regular new things are commented (and we are commenting what is re-written. Slowly but it's in progress)

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