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0002389ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2014-09-12 20:16
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Summary0002389: Objects anchored to a text frame
DescriptionIt would be wonderful to not only be able to use inline objects, but also to anchor objects outside a text frame to a certain position in the text itself.

One example is marginal notes, which are often used in high quality art or history books. Anchoring a frame with a marginal note inside to the relevant text in another frame would make editing this kind of demanding and complex documents much easier.
Additional InformationIntroduced with InDesign CS 2 for those who have acces to it and want to see how it works.

Related to 0001099
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2005-08-06 06:15

reporter   ~0005912

I thought this was already in bugs somewhere, but can't seem to find it.

Agreed that it'd be potentially rather useful, though I suspect it'd be a feature that'd have a lot of variations in how it was used and need the potential for a fair bit of control (making it complex to implement).


2005-08-06 18:45

administrator   ~0005918

Will the final implementation of inline objects allow to group those objects with items outside the frame? This could serve as a workaround.


2014-09-12 19:09

updater   ~0033652

This feature is describing the implemented 'Weld' feature. Therefore closing this issue.


2014-09-12 19:33

updater   ~0033655

Reopening because I misunderstood the feature request.

Per christoph_s: "An 'anchor' is an invisible "character" in a text, and it's possible to connect an object to this anchor. Very iseful for, e.g., marginal notes: if the text moves the anchored item moves with the text"


2014-09-12 19:55


cs2-anchor-screenshot.jpg (64,972 bytes)   
cs2-anchor-screenshot.jpg (64,972 bytes)   


2014-09-12 19:59



2014-09-12 19:59



2014-09-12 20:00

updater   ~0033656

See for further elaboration. Also see attachments

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