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0002414ScribusGeneralpublic2015-02-02 00:25
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Summary0002414: Preflight Verifier: Check for "No style"
DescriptionIn many projects, consistent use of styles is required. I specifically think about paragraph styles, but others might come into play as well. It would be useful to have an option available which lets the Preflight Checker search for "orphaned" text that has inadvertently been left in the document without appropriate formatting.
Additional InformationIn the future, this option could be extended to allow the introduction of "layout policies", as Markzware's Flight Check Studio ( currently does in ID an QXP. It would be useful in connection with collaboration enhancements.


related to 0002089 closedale Search on "No Style" 
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2005-08-11 17:59

viewer   ~0006068

yes.. a very good idea, but probably should wait until charachter styles are working


2014-10-04 19:13

developer   ~0033892

Good idea.
+ Character styles are working now !


2014-10-06 08:53

manager   ~0033912

good idea

but we might have to find a way to better set the preflight settings based on the current project...

if we have more and more checks in the preflight verifier, the chances grow that one has to tweak what gets shown or not for each project...


2014-10-06 15:31

developer   ~0033915

@a-l-e Well, it allready IS possible to set the preflight settings for the current project !

See Files > Document preferences > Preflight checker
and choose whatever warnings you wish to see or wish not to be bothered with.


2014-10-07 09:56

manager   ~0033917

@jluc: *find a better way* like doing it in the preflight verifier itself...

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