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Summary0002458: Ability to define page colour or image as page background
DescriptionOne of the features I like in OO.o is the possibility to define a default colour or an image as background for a page. If scribus had such a feature, a lot of work could be saved. Currently, one has to define a template for this task. I think to have this available in document settings would be a good idea. I specifically think about company publications with predefined colours or exhibition catalogues, where the drawing/photograph of the person the exhibition is about, is placed as a background picture on each page.
Additional InformationFor basic information, have a look at OO. Writer, either in "Format - Page - Background" or in the Stylist under Page templates. OO.o's possibilities are somewhat limited, but could serve as an example. What would be needed is something like:

Page background: [Drop down menu: None, Colour, Picture]

If colour: -> Colour Palette as in the properties menu

If picture: Image Browser plus Image effects dialog (many images will need to be blurred, made transparent or inverted for use as a page background)

Apply to: [Drop down menu: Whole page (would, of course, require bleed to be implemented), Printspace, User defined (options must be better than in OO.o; probably scribus' "frame" settings would be better)]

Options: [All, Odd, Even, Facing, Facing (inverted), more(?)]

Maybe this can be implemented as some kind of fixed layer that can only be edited through the document settings.
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2006-04-14 13:35

developer   ~0009951

Reminder sent to: plinnell

this request sounds very plausible

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