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0002724ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2005-11-11 21:18
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Product Version1.2.4cvs 
Summary0002724: Guides are invisible if a picture is chosen as background/layer
DescriptionIf a picture covering a whole page is chosen as background/background layer, all guides and grids become invisible, and snapping seems not to work either. Guides, if set to visible and snapping, should be visible and working, no matter what kind of frame is covering the whole page.

Another question does arise from this bug: Would it make sense to have different settings for guides/grid for different layers? I think so, but it may become a bit complicated, both from a developer's and a user's point of view.
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related to 0002458 acknowledged Ability to define page colour or image as page background 
related to 0003838 acknowledged Metabug: Scribus layers 



2005-10-16 06:54

administrator   ~0007100

There's an option in the Preferences to display the Guides and Grids on top of the Pageobjects, does it work when you set this Option?


2005-10-16 13:03

reporter   ~0007106

Christoph, if Franz's suggestion works for you then I'd venture a guess that you really want some sort of special "background layer" that is behind the guides etc even if the guides aren't set to always-on-top. Does that sound like a fair guess?


2005-10-16 17:24

administrator   ~0007116

@ Franz:

Uhmm, yes. Sorry, after two years of using scribus I _should_ have known it. Thanks for the advice.

@ Craig:

This is exactly what I mean. I already filed a bug (2458) for it some time ago.

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