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0002545ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2017-10-28 10:10
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Summary0002545: Typography: Double empty spaces
DescriptionDouble empty spaces are annoying. It would be nice to have different features in scribus to prevent text being "damaged" by this kind of mistake:

1) Add an "ignore double spaces" feature to document preferences - typography.

2) Add a warning feature to the Preflight Check

3) Add a plugin similar to short words

4) Add this feature to paragraph styles


related to 0003400 acknowledged Support for international typographic spacing (e.g. German) 
related to 0001388 closedcbradney Disable Block-aligned justification in story editor 
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2006-04-08 17:19

developer   ~0009706

either this, or we could do it the latex way: simply ignore the double empty spaces


2006-04-08 18:40

administrator   ~0009719

> either this, or we could do it the latex way: simply ignore the double empty spaces

That would be # 1. However, some users may want to use double or more empty spaces, so Scribus should leave the choice to them.


2006-04-09 02:44

developer   ~0009741

What about ignore double spaces unless they are "other spaces" such as em or en or non breaking space, etc. So when a user needs a double space for whatever reason, it is possible but only at that condition.


2006-04-30 04:13

reporter   ~0010673

I don't really like software doing proofreading for me when it comes to punctuation.

Otherwise, I think louisdesjardins' idea is good if it were to be implemented, as long as it's an *option*.


2006-04-30 08:55

administrator   ~0010676

Why not just use the future global search and replace. If its possible to do it there and on import, then theres no complicated conditional situations to handle. Such S&R is coming in 1.3.4 or 1.3.5.


2006-04-30 11:11

developer   ~0010695

This makes sense to me.

But Christoph's suggestion is even more systematic. Not only do you have the option to kill those spaces but the verifiyer can also be set so you will not forget...

Short Words is in its way a search & replace engine. Maybe we could put there a [two spaces] replace by [one space]?

Just a thought: I am always a bit afraid of specific features like this that we could easily not see, and not use. If we handle the case in the S&R ... isn't that more "natural" for users? And I like the idea of flagging into the verifyer.


2006-04-30 11:42

administrator   ~0010698

We can certainly add a flag in the verifier.

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