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Summary0003400: Support for international typographic spacing (e.g. German)
DescriptionCurrently, Scribus only supports anglo-american typographic spacing, which isn't identical with German and probably other countries' typography. I add a list of spacings/measurements that should be included into Scribus to reflect the different traditions.
Additional Information- Basic unit: Geviert (transl: square): Font size as width

- Halbgeviert (1/2 Geviert)

- Viertelgeviert (1/4 Geviert)

- Achtelgeviert (1/8 Geviert)

Typographic spacing:

Basic unit ("normal"): Normalschriftweite/NSW (punch of letter n)

- wide = NSW + 1/48 Geviert
- narrow = NSW - 1/48 Geviert
- very narrow = NSW - 2/48 Geviert
- extremely narrow = NSW - 3/48 Geviert



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2006-03-13 22:36

administrator   ~0009240

I guess that's what TeX calls quad or emspace (Geviert) and enspace (NSW).


2006-03-13 22:41

administrator   ~0009241

No, actually not. Both systems get confused easily and often.

em space = widht of letter m

Geviert = Font size as width. Example: Font size 12 pt -> Geviert = 12 x 12 pt

en space = width of letter n

NSW = Punze (punch) of letter n. The punch is the empty space _inside_ the n


2006-04-19 09:53

developer   ~0010114

Do you mean something like adding those specific German spaces to the list in Insert/Spaces&Breaks? Adding them "hardcoded" to the list would not be a very good idea, I guess, given the plenitude of the national typographic traditions.

What I can think of as a better solution is either to make the Spaces&Breaks list freely configurable, which means everyone could extend it with a few clicks to his taste in no time, or to introduce an easy way to _switch_ between different national typografic sets, consisting of spaces, quote signs, etc. We could put those national sets into separate config files, similar to hyphenation patterns -- this would make Scribus easier to customize for German, Polish, etc. needs.


2006-04-19 12:16

administrator   ~0010116

I agree with you, mhanski. It would be even better if users were able to easily write and edit those config files, like it's already possible with the Short Words plugin.


2006-12-01 11:47

administrator   ~0013690

Christoph, from the Unicode definition:

        = mutton
        * nominally, a space equal to the type size in points
        * may scale by the condensation factor of a font

So that would be the same as Geviert, no?

Anyway, I intend to implement those spaces as in the Unicode standard
(unless those chars are defined in the font).
For other spaces there will be a generic space with customizable width.

What actions are put on the Insert->Spaces menu is a different matter.


2006-12-01 18:51

developer   ~0013703

Just additionnal info. The wikipedia article has other links as well. The explanation is interesting.


2007-10-08 18:48

reporter   ~0017563

Just to say the same topic applies to french langage.


2008-02-11 02:22

developer   ~0018951

Is it possible to include this RFE in the Roadmap?

Thin space support is a must for French typography. Not to sound "alarmist" (!) but not having this is a showstopper for professional work, in FR at least. The ability to automatically insert this space in the Short Words plug-in list is a must too. We don't want to have to enter this space manually!


2011-10-24 09:16

administrator   ~0027094

Louis, so what do you want:
* insert a thin space automatically before and after appropiate punctuation
* let ShortWords add those spaces
* make Scribus layout with additional space even if it's not present as a character

To me, 0000002 looks easiest. 0000001 would be possible, too, but then we could also implement autocorrection.
0000003 might be an option for a with the new text layout engine, but I'd hate to see that integrated into the current code.

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