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0002655ScribusFontspublic2005-11-05 13:20
ReporterringercAssigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86 LinuxOSFedora CoreOS Version3
Product Version1.3.2cvs 
Fixed in Version1.3.2cvs 
Summary0002655: Startup font scan is very slow
DescriptionThere seems to have been a regression in startup font scan speed recently. Scribus now takes more than twice as long to start on my system with 1600 fonts (the font scan takes at least three times as long as it did).

Startup time is massively greater than 1.2.x .
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related to 0002128 assignedavox Cache font info for startup 
related to 0002362 closedavox Scribus hangs or crashes while searching for fonts 



2005-10-03 16:12

reporter   ~0006885

I know this is a known issue, just getting it on the tracker to make sure it's easy to keep an eye on as work continues.


2005-10-03 19:08

administrator   ~0006888

Fix the ondemand glyph scan stuff and the on startup scan can be removed.


2005-10-06 06:16

administrator   ~0006930

Have a fix on my laptop, will committ this on Friday evening.

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