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0002734ScribusLiveCDpublic2006-02-25 13:41
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PlatformPentium(R) M processor 1.50GHzOSGentoo LinuxOS Versioncurrent
Summary0002734: Live DTP CD: generic issue for all known regressions and feature requests
DescriptionThis is a generic feature requests for the Live DTP CD, as defined on the Scribus Wiki

Please use it as the parent issue for all issues related to the Live DTP CD.
Additional InformationFirst unofficial release as of October 19, 2005:

See these mails for more info:
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parent of 0002735 closed Live DTP CD: missing Polish fonts in GUI and text frames 
parent of 0002736 closed Live DTP CD: keyboard layout switch wanted 
parent of 0002866 closed LiveCD RAM-image issue, firefox problems 



2005-10-19 12:10

developer   ~0007138

Reminder sent to: igzebedze

This is the new RFE for your Live DTP CD as announced on the mailing list.


2005-10-19 15:29

administrator   ~0007139

AFAIK, theres no KDE. Honestly, unless you can make the GUI very friendly to Windows users, its going to be a hard sell. KDE will help that for sure, and allow Scribs to Drag N Drop.


2006-02-25 13:41

developer   ~0008905

no reaction from the live cd author, suspending

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