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0000028ScribusUser Interfacepublic2004-08-06 23:12
Reportercbradney Assigned Toplinnell 
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Summary0000028: Prepare shortcut keys for menus and dialogs, and more hotkeys for actions for 1.2 release
DescriptionUseability enhancement
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has duplicate 0000049 closedcbradney Update hotkeys, and include hotkeys for tool selection 
has duplicate 0000122 closedplinnell Keyboard Short Cuts 
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2003-11-25 18:39

administrator   ~0000025

Add in ESC to stop editing an object
Add switching between objects by TAB
With something like this enabled, then single key hotkeys could be used for tool selection.


2003-12-05 16:16

administrator   ~0000047



2004-01-08 23:54

administrator   ~0000159

Add one to call up Page/apply template


2004-02-20 14:17

viewer   ~0000520

has good hints for defaults


2004-04-26 17:56

reporter   ~0001222

Please consider contacting to Inkscape/Sodipodi/GIMP developers to work out unified shortcuts for common actions like switching instruments (by one-key shortcut), calling context-sensitive menus (Alt + [A-Z]) etc.

This would be great for overall usability of open source software for creative people dealing with graphics.


2004-04-26 20:54

developer   ~0001224

I couldn’t agree more. Also please note that we need hotkeys to apply Styles. Quark allows the use of the keypad from the first ”level” (1-2-3, etc. without necessarily using Shift, Alt, Shift-Alt) but InDesign failed on that particular issue, forcing users to use their two hands to access stylesheet shortcuts. It would be great that the whole keypad be made available, along with or without any Shift, Alt, etc. combination.


2004-08-06 23:12

administrator   ~0002128

Add a new one for 1.3 changes. This ones done.

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2004-08-05 21:59 cbradney Summary Prepare shortcut keys are available for menu items and more hotkeys for actions for 1.2 release => Prepare shortcut keys for menus and dialogs, and more hotkeys for actions for 1.2 release
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