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0002826ScribusScripterpublic2014-09-19 05:18
Reportermichael_krauth Assigned Tochristoph_s  
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0002826: missing selectAll in Scripter API
Descriptioni found deselectAll() to deselect all objects, but i didn't find a selectAll() to select all objects.

I think, it would be a good thing to implement such a function.
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related to 0002777 closedcbradney Better Selection of Items for Copying 
related to 0000306 closed Copying pages 
child of 0003813 acknowledged Metabug: Scripter 



2005-11-15 20:55

manager   ~0007445

do you think all in document or all in page?


2005-11-15 20:57

administrator   ~0007446

Please wait with this until I have the new selection code written, plus we have a RFE for 4 options: on canvas, on page, and then current layer or all layers.


2014-09-12 19:15

updater   ~0033653

Last edited: 2014-09-12 19:17

See 0000306:0033569
tl;dr there is a proposal to not implement this


2014-09-17 20:19

manager   ~0033727

indeed, i think that there is no need for a select all command in the scripter.

the deselectAll is probably only there to make sure that there is no selection (normally, after you have stored somewhere the list of selected items, which you will restore at the end of the script).
it is not the "anti-action" of selectAll.

if you want all the items, just go through all the elements in the page or the document. there are already commands for getting them.

i don't see a need for selecting them and then go through the selection...


2014-09-18 12:20

updater   ~0033733

Looks like the feedback is leaning toward a 'No'
There are other ways to achieve this effect. We will provide examples for the community so no further feature requests should be filed.

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