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Summary0000306: Copying pages
DescriptionIt would be great if scripter could allow someone to copy entire pages (eg. select all objects;copy;change document;paste) between two Scribus documents...
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related to 0002826 closedchristoph_s missing selectAll in Scripter API 
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2014-09-08 00:18

updater   ~0033569

Some feedback from gpittman:

Plan A " could, of course, use the copyObject() and pasteObject() functions to copy all objects to a new page.
Plan B would be to have the current document saved, then use importPage() to import page(s) from its own copy on disk. importPage() is pretty flexible.

I think this is in the category of something probably not worth creating for Scripter. It's so easy to do on the canvas, what's the point in doing it in a script?
As I have said in the past, you want to use scripts for things that are difficult or tedious on the canvas."

Any community feedback on this?


2014-09-14 22:42

updater   ~0033697

MHO to this feedback is the following:
Lets create a snippet that people can use to get this done and post it in a prominent place. A Scripter tutorial if you will.
1) How to copy all the objects on a page
2) How to copy all the objects across certain page numbers
3) How to copy all the objects in a whole document

As to 'what's the point in doing it in a script' if it's easier to do in canvas...? For example, if someone was interested in automation of a process (especially in light of 0012572) I think that this is a relevant and valid request.


2014-09-15 06:31

manager   ~0033698

you know how much i love the copy and paste object scripter function :-)

this should be solved by importing the page from the other document. it's just a matter of exposing the function to the scripter. if needed, we should extend it, to let it import from an open document.


2014-09-18 12:22

updater   ~0033734

There are other ways to achieve this effect. We will provide examples for the community so no further feature requests should be filed.
Resolving this for now.

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